Force Ring


Crafting Difficulty: 9

  • 20 Power Points (+3)
  • Innate Power (+2)
  • 1 Sphere – Forces (+0)

When wearing this ring, the owner may choose to apply his Spellcraft Die as additional damage with his unarmed strikes. He may also choose to discharge any of the ring’s Power Points to augment this Spellcraft roll.

On a roll of Snake Eyes, the force is discharged haphazardly and the user suffers the Spellcraft Die die damage plus any bonus from spent Power Points.


This simple ring is worn on either the left or right hand. It stores back a slight bit of kinetic energy every time the wearer’s arm is swung (like while walking). On command, it releases some or all of the stored energy as a kinetic wave from the ring’s surface, adding to the power behind the wearer’s punch.

Force Ring

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