Laws of Magick

The Laws of Magic
The White Council’s Wardens are the main law enforcement body of the supernatural world – at least as far as mortals go. For the wardens the Laws of Magic are sacrosanct. The Laws are clear, concise, and offer little in the way of “wiggle room” – at least in the view of some Wardens – but are very much written to communicate the spirit of the law, which is the mode by which they are enforced.

Breaking the Laws of Magic
While the Laws may seem more like a guide for living right as a spellcaster, they exist for a very serious, very palpable reason: whenever you make use of true black magic – using your talents in spellcraft in a way that breaks one of the Laws – you change yourself, darkening your soul.

Non-People Don’t Count Do They?
The White Council has made clear that their laws don’t apply to entities that aren’t people. The Laws of Magic are strongly oriented on protecting the lives and rights of mortals. Creatures and folks the Council might classify as “monsters” are fair game.
With that said, this is a rule of thumb where it’s easy to stumble into the grey area, with things open to the interpretation of the Warden on the scene – and given then, Wardens have a lot of latitude regarding the whole “judge, jury, and executioner” bit, it’s grey area that you want to avoid stepping into as a spellcaster.

The Laws are generally understood to apply only to humans when it comes to actions taken by the Wardens; however, the Laws aren’t worded that way. This is deliberate vagueness; it gives the Wardens the “spirit of the law” latitude to investigate would-be warlocks before they go over the edge.

Laws of Magick

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