Shapeshifter Edges

Beast Change
Requirements: Novice
When you select this Edge, select a non-magical beast from the SWD rule book or the Horror Companion (Wolf, Bear, Leopard, Constrictor, etc.). By succeeding on a Spirit roll, your character physically changes into the form of the selected beast. Your Smarts, Spirit, and Skills remain unchanged, but the rest of your traits become those of the beast. You gain access to any of their special abilities, but lose any of your Edges that would be unusable in your new form. Another Spirit roll is required to return to your human form.

Echoes of the Beast
Requirements: Beast Change or Lycanthrope
This edge allows you to access part of your bestial nature without having to change. This manifests as a +1 bonus to Notice rolls using a sense related to your inner beast. You also gain a +1 bonus to a single skill when using it in a “beast-like” way. Example: If you beast is a Leopard – gain a +1 Stealth bonus when moving about barefoot.

Requirements: Novice
This edge replaces the Berserker Edge from SWD. The effect is identical, except it is not triggered after taking damage. The Lycantrhope may choose to enter his “Berserker” state at any time. To do so, he must succeed on a Spirit roll. Immediately after ending his rage, he is considered Shaken. If he rolls a Raise on his Smarts roll to end the rage, he avoids being Shaken.

Pack Instinct
Requirements: Beast Change or Lycanthrope
When you select this Edge, you must define who makes up your “Pack” and they must all also have this Edge to reap its benefits. When with your pack (within a large burst template) you all receive a +1 bonus to your notice rolls. You may also communicate simple ideas (single word) non-verbally with any member of your pack.

Perfect Change
Requirements: Beast Change, Veteran
Without this Edge, any time you use your Beast Change Edge, all of your equipment is affected – your clothes are shredded, you drop anything carried, etc. Once you select this Edge, you equipment becomes changes with you, stowing away to be available whenever you change back.

Requirements: Novice
The blood of a true shapeshifter flows through your veins. You may take on the form of any mortal you’ve tasted the blood of. This change is specific to the exact individual you’ve tasted. When you take their form, your physical traits change, but your mental ones remain your own. You may retain a number of forms equal to one half your Spirit die.

Doppleganger’s Mind
Requirements: Skinwalker
In addition to being able to take the form of another, you now have the ability to take some of their memories as well. You can only access these memories while in their form.

Shapeshifter Edges

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