Wizarding Hindrances

Doom of Damocles (Major)
You have been found guilty of breaking a Law of Magic, but are on “probation.” You are under constant scrutiny by the Wardens and the White Council. If you are caught breaking another Law of Magic, you execution will be swift and without trial.

Lawbreaker (Major)
You’ve broken one of the Laws of Magic. If the wardens discover this, you will be brought before the White Council and punished accordingly.

Oathbreaker (Minor)
You have earned a reputation as someone who does not live up to their word. You are treated as having a -2 Penalty to Charisma when dealing with the supernatural community.

Prohibited Sphere (Minor)
Select a single Arcane Sphere. For whatever reason, your character cannot access this sphere for spellcasting or counterspelling.

Haunted (Major or Minor)
Spirits of the dead have chosen to attach themselves to you. As a minor hindrance you constantly have a sensation of being watched and your dreams are filled with the faces of the dead that your know. As a major hindrance, are actively reaching out to you. You suffer a -1 penalty on concentration checks as your ears are filled with their whispers. In addition, if you ever activate your sight, you can see the spirits gathering around you.

Wizarding Hindrances

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