Mortal Edges

Mortals have few advantages over the supernatural predators that stalk the night. The following edges represent a few of those advantages.

Arcane Pact
Requirements: Special
Arcane Skill: Channeling
Power Points: +5
Your character has entered into a Pact with some supernatural entity. This pact gives you access to Sponsored Magick. For a mortal this grants access to the Magick system; for a Wizard who takes this Edge, it allows them to supplement their spells via their Patron. See the Sponsored Magick page for more details.

Requirements: Novice
Power Points: 5
Your character has been exposed, willingly or otherwise, to the realities of the supernatural world. He is aware that it exists and should behave accordingly. The Power Points gained from this Edge do not stack with power points from any other edge.

Hunter Paths
The Prophet: The Prophet path is one of clear vision,
seeing the monsters for what they really are.
The Scholar: The Scholar is the path of knowledge,
understanding the monsters better then they
know themselves.
The Warrior: The Warrior’s Path is one of conflict,
bringing the fight to the monsters.

Chosen Hunter
Requirements: Awakened, The Sight
Power Points: +5
Your character has been chosen, for whatever reason, to fight back against the creatures of the night. When you select this edge, you must choose a Path- The Prophet, The Scholar, or The Warrior. The Path you choose will affect how your character interacts with the supernatural world.

The Sight
Requirements: Awakened
The blinders have been taken off. Your character has gained access to The Sight, with all the benefits and drawbacks associated with it.

Requirements: Special
This Edge may only be selected at character creation. Your character is half-faerie. Your character is considered a Faerie for the purpose of selecting advancements.

Sanguinem Infected
Requirements: Special
You successfully resisted The Embrace of a Sanguinem Vampire. Add The Beast damage track to your character sheet. You also gain 2 General Vampiric Disciplines. You may quell your Beast by feeding on blood just as the Sanguinem; but when you do, it requires a Spirit roll to stop feeding. If you ever kill a target by feeding, this Edge is replaced by the Embraced Edge and you are considered a full Sanguinem Vampire.

Tattoos of St. Giles
Requirements: Sanguinem Infected
Your body is covered in mystic tattoos designed as a prison for your Beast. They grant a +1 bonus to resist the temptation to feed as well as allowing you to ignore 1 point of penalty from your Beast damage track.
Note: The Tattoos are normally invisible, but become visible and darker the further down The Beast damage track you are.

Fellowship Training
Requirements: Tattoos of St. Giles
You may treat supernatural Lore as a Common Knowledge roll. You also gain a +1 bonus on any roll pertaining to the Sanguinem.

True Faith
Requirements: Novice
Linked Skill: Faith (Spirit)
In the Savage Nights setting, Faith has a very real presence. There are some who have become tools of their Faith. Regardless of your religious views, with enough Faith – you can move mountains.
By presenting the symbol of your Faith (crucifix, star of david, etc.) you can ward off the things that go bump in the night. While your symbol is presented, you are treated as being inside a Threshold the size of a small burst template, with a base strength of one half your Faith die.

Bless This House
Requirements: True Faith
Your very presence is enough to strengthen a Threshold. If your Faith Die is higher than the Threshold of the location you are in, it gains a +1 bonus. This bonus stacks with each other character with the Bless This House Edge, making a den of the faithful potentially very safe from supernatural incursions – unless someone is foolish enough to extend an invitation to them.

Guide My Hand
Requirements: True Faith, Seasoned
You may spend a Benny to substitute your Faith Die for any other die for a single roll. This cannot be used for attacks or tricks, but can be used to bypass other obstacles.

Holy Touch
Requiremets: True Faith, Seasoned
Your touch is imbued with Holy Power. This allows your touch to bypass a target’s invulnerability. It also means your touch is damaging to supernatural creatures. On a successful tough attack, you deal damage equal to your Spirit Die.

Mortal Edges

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